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Team Internet: On the Road to the National Poetry Slam

By Tatyana Brown

The relationship between poetry as it is performed and websites such as YouTube and Upworthy is a rich and complicated one. Purists will tell you nothing compares to being in the room with a live audience in … Continue reading

Our Best of the Net Nominees

In its short history, Radius has been blessed to publish poems and essays that are not only excellently written, but also artistically and personally brave. We’re consistently flabbergasted by the quality of the work that passes our threshold.

So … Continue reading

New Chapter, New Faces, Same ‘Radius’

By Victor D. Infante

As we prepare to resume our third volume of Radius, it’s a good time to note that there are a few new names on the masthead, and a few old  names in new positions.

After lengthy … Continue reading

Your Invitation to the Wake: For Alexandra Petri, After Her Article, ‘Is Poetry Dead?’

By Tatyana Brown

The Tuesday afternoon after Obama was inaugurated for his second term (the same day The Washington Post published your thoughts on Richard Blanco and the state of certain fields of contemporary literature), I taught a poetry … Continue reading