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Team Internet: On the Road to the National Poetry Slam

By Tatyana Brown

The relationship between poetry as it is performed and websites such as YouTube and Upworthy is a rich and complicated one. Purists will tell you nothing compares to being in the room with a live audience in … Continue reading

Riposte to Victor D. Infante

by Wilbur Dee Case

As T. S. Eliot once noted in an essay of his, which I am merely paraphrasing from memory, the poet approaches literary criticism from a different vantage point than the scholar. Now that might have had … Continue reading

Where Something Beautiful Should Be: Radius, Volume Four

By Victor D. Infante

Just the other day, in a bar in New York City, I sat across from an academic poet and we talked about the common threads between slam and flarf – two sometimes redheaded stepchildren of contemporary … Continue reading

Radius: Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz, Megan Thoma, Laura Lamb Brown-Lavoie

The Editors Write: With her fearless internal excavations and snap-rattle metaphors, Megan Thoma is easily among the most interesting of the current generation of poets coming into their own by way of slam. Note the phraseology: Is that in some … Continue reading