Monthly Archives: January 2013

Your Invitation to the Wake: For Alexandra Petri, After Her Article, ‘Is Poetry Dead?’

By Tatyana Brown

The Tuesday afternoon after Obama was inaugurated for his second term (the same day The Washington Post published your thoughts on Richard Blanco and the state of certain fields of contemporary literature), I taught a poetry … Continue reading

Absent Friends: Radius, Volume Three

By Victor D. Infante

These past few weeks, I have been preoccupied with my late friend Jack McCarthy. Jack was one of the best poets and people I knew, and I find his ghost speaking to me whenever … Continue reading

Notes in the Margin: Poetry in the Information Age

By Lenore Weiss

Working as a writer in the computer industry suited me fine. First I contracted at engineering companies. I moved on to other positions. My role required me to interview software engineers, marketing and business analysts, and to … Continue reading