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The Sense of An Ending: Victor D. Infante Stepping Down as ‘Radius’ Editor

By Victor D. Infante

I’m a stubborn person, and not one who quits anything easily, but there’s a fundamental difference between “quitting” and recognizing an ending. It’s a recognition I’ve encountered many times before, particularly in mid-2010, when I decided … Continue reading

‘Stronger Speaking Together’: Our 2017 Pushcart Prize Nominees …

It’s difficult to recall a time when reading the news wasn’t painful. Indeed, if there was ever such a time, it might bear some responsibility for the state of the world today: How much has been dredged up into our … Continue reading

‘A change in the light or the temperature’: Radius — Volume Seven

By Victor D. Infante On your left hand you have a body, beaten and bloodied, desperately in need of assistance. On your right you have an ideology, purely abstract, a series of hypothetical if-then statements. Choosing which of the two … Continue reading