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‘Against the blackened sky’: Our 2016 Pushcart Prize nominees

Those that don’t learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it. Consequently, those that do learn the lessons of history are also doomed to repeat it, because honestly, we only need to watch … Continue reading

‘Song Fragments From the Brokenhearted Chorus’: A Composite Poem

Song Fragments From the Brokenhearted Chorus
A Composite Poem

Sift dirt from any American lawn: chipped calcium and nitrogen
amendments enrich the roses’ blush past burn with meal ground
from the murdered and … Continue reading

Radius: Daniel McGinn, Jaimes Palacio, Loretta Obstfeld

The Editors Write: If one’s seeking signs of health among the country’s surrealist and post-modern movements, one need only train one’s eyes westward. Southern California, for reasons that remain mostly inexplicable, remains a hotbed for surrealist poetry, and few approach … Continue reading