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Sorry-not-sorry: on plagiarism

By Sam Cha

Anybody following the Lisa Low thing?


The Lisa Low thing’s a lot like the Ailey O’Toole thing; Ailey O’Toole being the (young, white) woman who published a bunch of poems that plagiarize—line for line, … Continue reading

New Chapter, New Faces, Same ‘Radius’

By Victor D. Infante As we prepare to resume our third volume of Radius, it’s a good time to note that there are a few new names on the masthead, and a few old  names in new positions. After lengthy … Continue reading

We Meet As Strangers: Our 2012 Pushcart Nominees

There comes a point, in the course of publishing a literary journal, where you look back and begin to see some of the underlying themes that you’ve been reaching for, the ones you couldn’t articulate at first, but which were … Continue reading