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‘Disgrace,’ poem in translation by TS Hidalgo

By TS Hidalgo 

Violentos ángeles de Caravaggio
(unos locos y, contra Lucy Lurie, su arrebato apabullante:
silencio austero sobre el lomo arqueado del relámpago);
interpretación muy sui géneris, acaso lisérgica,
de la Gracia:
han empleado su fuerza para someterla.
Bienvenidos a la pantallaborrosa de un cine X.
Un … Continue reading

‘Fold, Stagnate or Change’: Presenting our 2018 Pushcart Prize Nominees

Moments of recognition are difficult. Say you’re an artist, or maybe an activist. Maybe you’re a journalist, or even a politician. Whatever you do, there is always a moment where you look out that the world and realize that everything … Continue reading

Veterans Day and the Pacifist’s Dilemma – Radius, Volume Nine

By Victor D. Infante Veteran’s Day is odd for a pacifist. In some ways, it feels almost hypocritical when you spend the rest of the year in moral opposition to violence in general and warfare in particular, especially when you … Continue reading