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‘The Voice,’ by Gustavo Arellano

By Gustavo Arellano

Editor’s Note: Journalist Gustavo Arellano, formerly editor of OC Weekly and currently a reporter for the Los Angeles Times, writes a weekly email list where he details what he’s working and what’s on his mind. This week’s email centered … Continue reading

The Murder of Mavis Bankes (Part Ten)

By Roxanne Dent


Chapter Ten: “Toot Toot Tootsie Goodbye”

Ivy hadn’t prepared me for Mavis Bankes’ townhouse on Riverside Drive and 78th street. It was a mini-mansion, that rivaled William Kassam Vanderbilt’s, Cornelius’ brother. … Continue reading

Not Dead Yet: A Reply To The New Yorker’s essay, ‘Does Journalism Have a Future?’

By Victor D. Infante

It’s an odd day when you wake up to discover that the newspaper for which you work is being held up nationally as an exemplar of the rise and fall of local journalism, but there I … Continue reading