Welcome to “Radius,” an online literary journal in blog format dedicated to poetry: How poetry works, how one poem or body of poems connects to another, how poetry exists in the world. We’re big believers around here that poetry doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and that it has a role to play in life, politics and culture. In that vein, we also publish fiction, but only of the pulp variety: action-adventure stories that link us to the tradition of epic poetry and the heroes whose exploits it recorded.  Trust us, there is a method to our madness.

Radius publishes in blog format, releasing a handful of poems and pieces of prose a week, and is probably best followed by being added to your blog reader of choice, such as Google Reader, or by subscribing to its Facebook community or Twitter feed to be kept abreast of the latest posts. Really, it’s a literary journal that’s designed to come to you.


Judging a work of art is virtually the same mental operation as judging human beings, and requires the same aptitudes: first, a real love of works of art … an inclination to praise rather than blame, and regret when a complete rejection is required; second, a vast experience of all artistic activities; and last, an awareness, openly and happily accepted, of one’s own prejudices. Some critics fail because they are pedants whose ideal of perfection is always offended by a concrete realization. Others fail because they are insular and hostile to what is alien to them; these critics, yielding to their prejudices without knowing they have them and sincerely offering judgments they believe to be objective, are more excusable than those who, aware of their prejudices, lack the courage to enter the lists to defend their personal tastes.” – W.H. Auden

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    Hi. We took a small hiatus, and are getting back to things now. Will email you ASAP.

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