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The Unbearable Darkness of the ’80s Flashback

By Victor D. Infante

I’ve been looking at photographs from the ’80s, all the black clothing and wild hair. My friends and I were young then – in our teens and early 20s — but looking back, there was a … Continue reading

As if with a singular vision: A review of ‘Electronic Corpse: Poems from a Digital Salon,’ edited by M. Ayodele Heath

Reviewed by Scott Woods

As a communal poet experimentalist and an organizer or poetry events for many years, I’ve learned that even when the goal of a public art project is to be open and encompassing of all willing to … Continue reading

Your Invitation to the Wake: For Alexandra Petri, After Her Article, ‘Is Poetry Dead?’

By Tatyana Brown

The Tuesday afternoon after Obama was inaugurated for his second term (the same day The Washington Post published your thoughts on Richard Blanco and the state of certain fields of contemporary literature), I taught a poetry … Continue reading

They Got the Guns, But we Got the Numbers: Why Radius Will Continue to Submit to the Pushcart Prize

By Victor D. Infante

There is a manner in which you chew too long on irrelevant questions, the way you feel obliged to answer them, but find instead a stuttering nothing lodged in your throat, a stammer as you begin … Continue reading