Troponin of Protest
By Jerry Garcia

a protein within a troponin complex helps regulate the heartbeat and can be used as an indicator of myocardial infarction (heart attack.)


accrual of uncertainty

blindly coursing



hold back light

like dementia.

Temptation closes

callous arteries

of dilemma

looking for fault.

Volcanic road rage

revolting against destitute.

Thrombotic ankles dragging

like screaming canyons

on fire.

Resuscitation nil.

Jerry Garcia spent his childhood fearing “the bomb” and was a teenager during the “Summer of Love.” He studied Communication Arts at Loyola Marymount University during the Watergate Era, becoming a film editor and producer of television commercials, documentaries and motion picture previews. His poetry has been seen in the likes of The November 3rd Club, The Chiron Review, Askew, and Palabra Magazine.