I Shall not Dwell in Memoriam of Anything
By El Habib Louai

In such times of wretchedness as these
I would rather huddle with my brothers
Many unknown dear sisters

I will not watch from an attic window
Waiting for another late time Godot
To save the world from the peacocks
I will not shed idle tears of a forsaken monk

My heart will always swell, proud
Of that day it reaches its brow
I will flash like a shimmering sunshine
Breaking free from any leash to Robenstein

Behold! The whole world threatens
To retreat not to snug closets
Of a nouveau rich suburban villa
But to a secluded grave forged by glory

The song will be sung and we shall all
Overcome the day we come to shatter
To one thousand and one pieces
The mirrors of a sinking ageless emperor

El Habib Louai received his B.A in English literature and linguistics from the University Of Ibn Zohr in Agadir, Morocco, in 2007. A number of his poems have been published in various online magazines and journals, such as Indigo Rising Magazine, troubadour21, Eunoia Review, Danse Macabre du Jour, Palestine Chronicle, Istanbul Literary Review, Sagarana and Camel Saloon. He was the representative and organizer of the 100 Thousand Poets for Change cultural event in Agadir, Morocco in 2011.