There is a New Documentary
By Rupprecht Mayer

Which does not show how the tyrannosaurs tore into the ceratopsians, but how well the grass tasted for the stegosaurus, and the blossoming branches for the ankylosaurus. Which does not show how the herrerasaurs and the eoraptors hunted the dicynodonts, but how the beipiaosaurs cared for their feathers. Which does not show how the saurornitholestes devoured the quetzalcoatlus, but how nice the lesothosaurs were to their cubs.

There is no such documentary, unfortunately.

Rupprecht Mayer, born near Salzburg, lived in Taiwan and China for 20 years, and is an interpreter, translator of Chinese literature. A collection of his short prose, Aus der Welt des Dreisprungs (From the world of the triple jumpers) appeared in 2004. Numerous publications in German-language literary journals. Translations appeared (or will) in Washington Square, Ninth Letter, NAP and Postcard Shorts. This poem was translated by the author from German.