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Poem by Colin Dodds

(Spill-O’s Website)
By Colin Dodds

“Go to my website,”
Spill-O said outside the conference hall.

“It’s all there,” he said. “My massacre of the innocents, stint working at the airport, repentance, death, return, my difficulties training a puppy, … Continue reading

As if with a singular vision: A review of ‘Electronic Corpse: Poems from a Digital Salon,’ edited by M. Ayodele Heath

Reviewed by Scott Woods

As a communal poet experimentalist and an organizer or poetry events for many years, I’ve learned that even when the goal of a public art project is to be open and encompassing of all willing to … Continue reading

Team Internet: On the Road to the National Poetry Slam

By Tatyana Brown

The relationship between poetry as it is performed and websites such as YouTube and Upworthy is a rich and complicated one. Purists will tell you nothing compares to being in the room with a live audience in … Continue reading

Notes in the Margin: Poetry in the Information Age

By Lenore Weiss

Working as a writer in the computer industry suited me fine. First I contracted at engineering companies. I moved on to other positions. My role required me to interview software engineers, marketing and business analysts, and to … Continue reading