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Paying for the The Abortion (the Richard Brautigan book)

by David Macpherson

In the fall of 1994 I didn’t have a TV, so I bought used paperbacks and read them for the evening’s entertainment. It was Amherst, Massachusetts, and downtown had 6 or 7 bookstores, most of them with … Continue reading

Notes in the Margin: Poetry in the Information Age

By Lenore Weiss

Working as a writer in the computer industry suited me fine. First I contracted at engineering companies. I moved on to other positions. My role required me to interview software engineers, marketing and business analysts, and to … Continue reading

They Got the Guns, But we Got the Numbers: Why Radius Will Continue to Submit to the Pushcart Prize

By Victor D. Infante

There is a manner in which you chew too long on irrelevant questions, the way you feel obliged to answer them, but find instead a stuttering nothing lodged in your throat, a stammer as you begin … Continue reading