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La Revolución Will Not Be Reviewed In The New York Times

By Rich Villar


I’m a poet. I talk a lot about poems. I realize that the argument is about literature in general.

You will also notice a lot of politics in this essay.

These … Continue reading

Preoccupied: Radius, Volume Two

By Victor D. Infante

I’ve been struggling with Occupy poems, lately. Oh, I’m sure there are excellent ones out there, but I’ve been finding most of the ones we get here … thin. Too much head, not enough … I … Continue reading

Facebook and the Development of the Personal Protagonist

By Jade Sylvan

I have tons of Facebook friends I’ve never met in real life. These friends engage with my Facebook personality, which, as I’ve written it, is a pretty cryptic, absurd voice. They like its statuses. They comment on … Continue reading