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Facebook and the Development of the Personal Protagonist

By Jade Sylvan

I have tons of Facebook friends I’ve never met in real life. These friends engage with my Facebook personality, which, as I’ve written it, is a pretty cryptic, absurd voice. They like its statuses. They comment on … Continue reading

The “Wandering Poet” Myth RE: DIY Touring: A Conversation w/ Brian S. Ellis

By Jade Sylvan

Jade Sylvan:
So I’ve been thinking a lot of the modern sort of Punk Rock DIY touring that happens now, you know, like, people in a car driving to a place, and sometimes you have … Continue reading

The First Patriarch of Rock & Roll: Bob Dylan and the Prophet Archetype

By Jade Sylvan

(excerpted from the forthcoming book, More Popular Than Jesus: The Beatles and the Mythology of Rock by Jade Sylvan and Steve Wagner)

“I felt right at home in this mythical realm made up not with individuals so … Continue reading