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Sun Gods and the Road to Spring: Radius — Volume Six

By Victor D. Infante

It’s Easter, and earlier today a suicide bombing in Pakistan killed more than 65 people, many of them children. In this particular instance, the act off terrorism was largely targeting Christians. Other bombings, such as recent … Continue reading

Poem by Richard H. Fox

it was one of us
By Richard H. Fox

Ray, six-feet two, shoulders that carried kegs like cans—
charcoal skin, knee holed jeans, red t-shirt, vest populated by power pins.
            his girlfriend Rebecca—minister’s daughter, albino white,
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Radius: Radius: Ilya Kaminsky, Lauren Gordon, Caroline Klocksiem

The Editors Write: We were ecstatic when Lauren Gordon joined the Radius staff as a contributing editor, and began providing us with her excellent essays on poetry and parenting. Her insight, enthusiasm and dependability have made working with her a … Continue reading

‘I Have A Right to be Angry’: The Power and Pain of #BlackPoetsSpeakOut

Essay by Victor D. Infante, Poems by Alan King, Christina Springer, Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib, Casey Rocheteau, Sonya Renee Taylor and Danez Smith

It is agonizing to witness a community wailing in despair, to hear the pain echo across the sky. But … Continue reading