From the Editors: A while back, Radius editor Victor D. Infante was complaining on Facebook  about people who can’t read or follow submission guidelines, or worse, think for some reason the guidelines don’t apply to them. It’s from this discussion where we find the genesis of Adam Stone’s “trollanelle.” We would explain the rules, but they are self-evident and also, obviously, not compulsory. The object lesson here, of course, is to be careful when complaining  on social media. Clearly.

Your Loss
(a Trollanelle for Victor Infante)
By Adam Stone

I’m too important to follow guidelines.
When it comes to poems, I’m wicked boss.
If you don’t like it, then hit the sidelines.

I don’t have time for judgemental snide whines.
Editors’ e-mails always make me cross.
I’m too important to follow guidelines.

My words are too bold to fit the wide lines
of my composition book. It’s your loss
if you don’t like it. Just hit the sidelines.

My genius grates brains the way the tide grinds
against the shore. You think I give a toss
about your annoying, hollow guidelines?

I don’t. Publish your rabble and hide mine
from the masses. Keep printing your damned dross.
Bench your ‘zine on the scholarly sidelines.

I happen to have been published five times
in more reputable journals. You gloss
over my words at your peril, sidelines.
I’m too important for your fucken guidelines.

Adam Stone’s
mother thinks he’s wicked smart.