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Life Lesson: What I Learned from Mr. Levine

By Jean Macpherson

I never met Philip Levine except through his published words. If I had to write about the one thing that most attracted me to his work it is his fearless ability to express working-class traits with abandon … Continue reading

Full Circle: How One Poetry Reading Changed Everything

By Randall Horton

A bedraggled man sits on the steps of the Bleeker Street Station in Manhattan – one shoe on, one shoe off. He talks to himself so fast the words in his mind cannot possibly keep up with … Continue reading

Excerpt from “My Father’s Love, Volume 2, Portrait of the Poet as a Woman, The Legacy”

Chapter Two: Publication
By Sharon Doubiago

I’m five, spinning cartwheels under the Los Angeles sky, to the rhythm of the mantra I’ve learned from Socrates: Know thyself.

For years I remembered, or rather “understood” and articulated my five year … Continue reading