for Corey Menafee
By Zaina Alsous

A broomstick. Spell: apply a flying ointment, henbane, Black
Alkaloids guide to sanity i.e. surviving this place. It was high
The window. Opening, lacteal. Not ether, not star gas, not Atlantis
                           the space beyond history
A sky is falling now,
over another variety of settler. To comprehend gravity
you must taste pain; let the light in. Amistad or Mina
Gather convocation for bones that erupt

White background. Columned, reflective
Such As arts and sciences :: Such As pathology :: Such As graph us
reasons to labor and die, here. Name the building labor(ed) and died

Instructions for retaining legacy:  

               Apply 6 ounces of lachrymatory agent to cure
               violet stained subaltern discontent, other
               diseases and peculiarities like Drapetomania

A man who cracks, is not the sick one

Zaina Alsous is a poet daughter of the Palestinian diaspora, and anti-racist activist currently residing in North Carolina. Her poems have appeared in The Offing and Human Equity through Art Journal.