No Impact Fades
By Elijah Smith

She stands at the door of a Lincoln ’67,
where the man inside sits listening to some radio.

<<President Carter has okayed mass production of the Neutron Bomb.
   U.S. Military Officials call the Neutron “People Killer Warhead” a tidy, clean bomb
   whose impact fades quickly after the first pulse of Neutron radiation…>>

The man has stopped listening and so has she; he reveals a wad of bills.
She licks her red teeth ceremoniously,
    strums her painted dirty fingernails along the hood of his car.
He uncovers his weapon next,
    fully-loaded packed-to-burst with radiated ammo for her head.
As ABBA sings:

<<…at Waterloo Napoleon did surrender.
      Oh yeah, and I have met my destiny in quite a similar way.
      The history book on the shelf,
      is always repeating itself.>>

Elijah Smith is a recent graduate of the University of Toronto and has had academic articles published in the journals Saeculum and the Journal of American History.His first published poem was accepted by Acta Victoriana.