The Language of Translation
By Asad Zaidi

What could be a better language than the language of translation
A white curtain on which
All our handiwork stands apart like dirt

All crimes are perpetrated in mother tongues
Which always contain a discourse on innocence

There are times
When translation is the only place that has a remnant of sorts
The sound of tyranny in the native tongue
Is killing sympathy!

(Translated from Hindi by Bharatbhooshan Tiwari)


Asad Zaidi is among the best-known contemporary Hindi poets today. He has three books of poems: Behnen aur anya kavitaen (1980 & 2008), Kavita ka jivan (1988), and Saman ki talash (2008) and has edited a number of collections including Das Baras: Hindi kavita Ayodhya ke bad (2003). His interests extend to education, literary criticism, occasional social commentary and publishing.