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Journeys Through the Underworld in Ai’s “Reunions with a Ghost”

By Lea C. Deschenes

“Reunions with a Ghost” by Ai, read by Lea C. Deschenes

By titling her poem “Reunions with a Ghost,” Ai foreshadows the poem’s connections with the myths of Odysseus, Orpheus, and Innana. All three … Continue reading

Is Katniss Everdeen Gilgamesh Dreaming?: Unveiling The Connections Between Poetry and Heroic Fiction

By Victor D. Infante

It seems, these days, we are awash in the heroic fantasy adventures of the late 19th and early 20th centuries; the iconic heroes and monsters born in the turbulence of the dawn of the modern era … Continue reading

Three Poems by Lyn Lifshin

In A Breeze Of Dates And Olives, 4000 Years BC
By Lyn Lifshin

                                                The first poet we know to have signed her name to what
                                                she wrote, she Lived 2285-2250BCE. High priestess in the
                                                Sumerian city state … Continue reading