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Poem by Erren Geraud Kelly

50 Cent at Serrano’s Restaurant By Erren Geraud Kelly Rapper 50 cent was passing through my hometown,  Baton Rouge, on the way to New Orleans, to see his friend, Eminem, perform at the Voodoo Music Festival … 50 stopped at … Continue reading

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Is Katniss Everdeen Gilgamesh Dreaming?: Unveiling The Connections Between Poetry and Heroic Fiction

By Victor D. Infante It seems, these days, we are awash in the heroic fantasy adventures of the late 19th and early 20th centuries; the iconic heroes and monsters born in the turbulence of the dawn of the modern era … Continue reading

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The Impossible Conversation: In Praise of Heartbreak

By Victor D. Infante “There have been girls in this competition who can développé and pitch to the side and do 20 pirouettes and land perfectly … and I don’t care. You put your finger against a wall and you … Continue reading

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The First Patriarch of Rock & Roll: Bob Dylan and the Prophet Archetype

By Jade Sylvan (excerpted from the forthcoming book, More Popular Than Jesus: The Beatles and the Mythology of Rock by Jade Sylvan and Steve Wagner) “I felt right at home in this mythical realm made up not with individuals so … Continue reading

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The Déjà Vu of Oprah Winfrey

By Victor D. Infante And then there was Oprah. Few things have cut across the poetry community like the “Power of Poetry” issue of O Magazine. And certainly, there was plenty there to digest: Maria Shriver interviewing Mary Oliver, Edward … Continue reading

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