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Radius: Marty McConnell, Ben Clark, Colin Winnette

The Editors write: We’re fascinated with Ben Clark’s poetry, and have been ever since we read his first collection, Reasons to Leave the Slaughter, on Write Bloody Publishing. Clark has a gift for using structure, disjointed diction and offbeat metaphors … Continue reading

Radius: Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz, Megan Thoma, Laura Lamb Brown-Lavoie

The Editors Write: With her fearless internal excavations and snap-rattle metaphors, Megan Thoma is easily among the most interesting of the current generation of poets coming into their own by way of slam. Note the phraseology: Is that in some … Continue reading

Radius: Daniel McGinn, Jaimes Palacio, Loretta Obstfeld

The Editors Write: If one’s seeking signs of health among the country’s surrealist and post-modern movements, one need only train one’s eyes westward. Southern California, for reasons that remain mostly inexplicable, remains a hotbed for surrealist poetry, and few approach … Continue reading

Radius: Brendan Constantine, Steve Ramirez, Samuel Rees

The Editors Write: There are a lot of currents running through Steve Ramirez’s poetry, not the least of which is an omnipresent sense of gentleness, even when he’s training his eye on the roughest of subjects. Ramirez’s diction and the … Continue reading