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Reasons To Hope – Radius, Volume Eight

By Victor D. Infante

Sometimes, I am so full of hope that it hurts. It burns inside my chest against all reason, restraining my impulse to build some bunker out in the woods away from humanity. Which is good, because … Continue reading

Feels Like Failure, Every Time: Gun violence, superheroes and saving the supervillain

By Victor D. Infante


There is a level where the very phrase “mass shooting” has become stripped of its shock value. A school in Florida or Connecticut, a movie theater in Colorado, a church in South Carolina, a country … Continue reading

‘Stronger Speaking Together’: Our 2017 Pushcart Prize Nominees …

It’s difficult to recall a time when reading the news wasn’t painful. Indeed, if there was ever such a time, it might bear some responsibility for the state of the world today: How much has been dredged up into our … Continue reading