By Victor D. Infante


Once upon a time, there was a half-undead witch who went on a loony tunes spree killing other witches. And once upon a time, there was a young and — let’s face it — gorgeous witch who was crazy enough to try and stop the rampage. She’d like to say she did it for altruistic reasons, but mostly, she was just ticked it was happening in her city.

The young witch pulled out all the stops to beat the old crone, including smashing an antique metal box that unleashed thousands of damned souls into the night. She won, but the price she paid for that victory was a city haunted beyond all others. Every night, as she tries to fall asleep, she hears the spirits laugh and scream in the distance.

It’s the sound she’s hearing now, and suddenly, she knows what’s happening.

And she knows it’s her fault.


Victor D. Infante is the editor-in-chief of Radius.