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Two Poems by LionHeart

Memory Paralysis
By LionHeart

‘Everybody else don’t move, that’s off they ears, oh he gone get in trouble,
that’s off they memory, they don’t move, they enslaved, they enslaved
to what could possibly happen’
– Kanye West … Continue reading

‘So, uhm, how do you write a poem?’: The First Part of Our ‘Gauntlet’ Advice On Writing Series

By Sam Cha, David Lehman, Ellyn Maybe, Mindy Nettifee, Amber Tamblyn, Cecilia Woloch and Robert Wynne


From The Editor: When we first announced our yearlong writing challenge, The Gauntlet, we were pleased to find interest from many fiction … Continue reading

Three Poems by Gerard Sarnat

Body Politic With Crumbling Bridges & Roads Excited to Build Giant Wall
— thanks to Andy Borowitz’s New Yorker, 31 August 2015 title [I substituted Body Politic for Nation.]
By Gerard Sarnat

Google Glasses looked forward to perusing … Continue reading