After the Latest Mass Shooting
By Janet Barry

That it rains today, in sullen spits, grey
pouring over the mountains, mist
clinging to the half mast flag oozing out
her red white and blue in drops of blood
on the pavement, that it rains

over the news waves and children’s
graves, decorated with thoughts
and prayers and the weaponry of division
laid bare in beating hearts that mourn
and rage, and that it rains

over the river that receives each drop
as if nothing had ever changed, nothing
ever will or needs to, a splat here, in
the open channel, a splat there, beneath
the sheltering trees where one might have

imagined safety, safety in the mosque
the church, the street or theater, school
or tightly bound hemlock grove
with swaddling clothe branches and still
it rains, it rains, the river making way

for the washing of yet more bones.

Janet Barry is a musician and poet with works published in numerous journals and anthologies, most recently Little Lantern Press, The Mom Egg, Snapdragon, Clementine and Third Wednesday. She was Featured Poet in Aurorean, and has received several Pushcart and Best of the Net nominations, as well as having her poem “Aubade” chosen for inclusion in the Best Indie Lit New England anthology. Janet holds degrees in organ performance and poetry. She is not currently, nor has ever been to her knowledge, the international criminal mastermind, Keyser Söze.