By Robert Wynne

The Pythku is a variation on the Haiku, utilizing Pythagorean triples for syllable counts. Either the “3-4-5” or “5-12-13” triple can be used. You can write a single, 3-line Pythku, or a Pythku Sequence, in which each tercet follows the syllabic requirements of the form. There are no rhyme or meter restrictions, and use of title and/or punctuation are likewise up to you. Here are examples of an untitled 3-line Pythku, with the 5-12-13 syllable count, and a Pythku Sequence, with the 3-4-5 syllable count:

Your outstretched hand shakes,
the urn’s weight slowly lessening as ash takes flight.
River’s surface darkens briefly, sun mirrored once more.

By Robert Wynne

Leave the hose,
water running
into a puddle

hungry bright flames
that lick the dark sky.

Watch walls fall
into black piles
as a breeze buffets

loose pages
of the novel
you’d nearly finished,

edges orange
and fluttering.
A half dollar coin

folds itself
over the edge
of a stone coaster,

a Dali
of JFK

for all this
destruction, smoke
following along

as you turn
and walk away
each sole dark with ash.

Robert Wynne is a regular contributor to Radius.