The Journey
By Rev. Catherine Reed

From her hotel window
She watches young and old women
In and out of cars on the corner
sashaying slowly by
Seems like a lifetime away
Same corner- same habit when

She put Isaiah in a cardboard box
Next to the green trash bag
Closed the lid to mute his cry
Promised to be right back
Ran to the green house

Woke the next morning
Bodies asleep flopped on chairs
Stench of body odor

Remembered Isaiah
Tears streaming

Prison years were unbearable
Women ganged her
Called her crack head
Baby killer
Guards kicked her
No visitors came

She walks away from the window
Glances in the mirror
Wipes her eyes
Smooths out her dress
Slips on her red shoes
Glances over her notes
Picks up her memoir
Heads downstairs for book signing

Rev. Catherine Reed is an ordained minister and poet. She is the author of two books of poetry – Crossing Boundaries and Between Midnight and Dawn. Her new book of poetry, Sankofa, will be available shortly. She is Associate Pastor of John Street Baptist Church and retired Protestant Chaplain of The College of the Holy Cross. She is a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.