Fallen Apart
For Chinua Achebe
By D.M Aderibigbe

Ah! Grandpa Chinua, who
Could have ever known the soil of
Ogidi could fashion out

A seer, you’re a man of the people,
For sure I know, but like you said,
We’ve been shot with the arrow of

God, and find it impossible to walk
On our bare feet. The boys are
Clutching guns to kill hunger,

Girls are at war, because that’s the
Only route to survival. Our world is
No longer at ease. Where is the

Philosopher king who knows it all?
Where is the novelist, who can
soften our hardship with his

fictitious verisimilitude? Like
your death is incorrigible, our
World has fallen apart.

D.M Aderibigbe is a Nigerian undergraduate, studying History and
Strategic Studies in the University of Lagos. His poetry and short
fiction have been published in journals across 10 countries around the
world, including Word Riot, Cannon’s Mouth, Red River Review, Ditch,
Kritya, The Applicant, Thickjam, Cadaverine and DoveTales among many