Like the rest of the world, we’ve been watching the events unfold in Boston with unabashed horror. For the editors of Radius, Boston is practically home, a mere hour from our residence in Worcester. It is a city dear to our hearts, that contains many, many people whom we love.

For them, and for that city, we offer all the prayers we can muster. Our hearts are with you.

As to the attacks themselves, we’re not prone to speculation, but we’re acquainted with violence enough to know this: When someone — be they an organized group or a psychotic individual, whether it be a Timothy McVeigh or a Khalid Sheikh Mohammed or any other sort of lunatic — does something like this, the goal, underneath any flimsy ideology, is to stir a darkness in the hearts of all who watch helplessly on their televisions, to drown reason and nobility in the acid wash of fear and outrage. To force the viewer to lash out, like a cornered animal. To make them less than human.

Someone, somewhere wants to take something from you. Don’t let them. Don’t let them have that piece of you. It’s too valuable.

Our prayers today are for the wounded, and for the loved ones of the dead. Our prayers are for all of us, who have to live with this violence seeping into our hearts.

Our prayers are for a better tomorrow, for all of us.