a belief system
By N.W. Hall

i remember when
i was a kid that i would
pray to jesus for all of the things
in the world i was grateful for &
all of the people in the world i hoped were safe & happy

now i don’t because i remember when i was a kid…

rocky marriage
By N.W. Hall

my two problems:
can’t stop. won’t stop.

there was the seventy page i l-o-v-e you,
the eulogy to a blowjob gone but not forgotten,
and a lot of long awful crap to her fingers
weaving strange braids from the rain; that
now. the letters were trashed. the perfect
ladies moved on to perfect men. i’m still here —

Sorry for Making a Balcony Scene
By N.W. Hall


Why am I so hard on you? Has blood rushed to my head?
No, the wines just springing through my whore gorgeous

priapus explain such twitterpated veins. Dearest heartache,
breathe in the bouquet of flower souring the velvet lattice of

your gagged elegy that consoles me like hope only warmer. Churn
the abyss so its spiny waters overflow in a nightmare tide stifling

this accordion of nerves in shivery blues. Carry me off
the brink inside of you; I hear the drop is deep enough

to lose a mouth in. Sure it’s a very pretty penis, but when
was the last time you two opened up to each other anyway?

The tiny red headaches sighing their last
in the pink nothingness demand a reply!

(Go out
with me.)

Nice, now open your dress & snip that loose thread of cleavage,
or I will be forced to scissor my mouth all over your woven blouse


N.W. Hall wrote two of the poems you read at a pole dancing bar on loose leaf paper while Mother by Danzig played. He has poems in Shampoo, decomp, gutter eloquence, OF ZOOS, and Zygote in My Coffee (Print). One of his favorite poems is The Bear by Galway Kinnell.