By Matthew Mars

She was on my mind a lot this morning. She often is. I’m still mad at her for leaving us all like that. I’m so glad, though, I got to participate, now and then, in her art. This recording is an example both of what a fine, fine writer she was and of how her work inspired and elevated the rest of us mere mortals and caused us to bring our very best to the rodeo, cuz if I do say so myself (and I do) this track, which I arranged & produced (and for which I sang me a little swing low and some sweet chariot too) is pretty goddamn great. (Of course the band on the session wasn’t so bad either: Andrew Bush, Miiko Watanabe, Tracy Thielen, Steve Kruse, Mangicaro, David Dyas, Peter Ford – everybody rose to the occasion). Just like the poet said: “Hey, that stuff is mighty revelatory.” May I present Ms. Erica Erdman and the cautionary tale, with musical background (and a kiss goodnight to cleanse the palate too), the story of a junkie preacher and a poker game gone to Jesus, The Apocalyptic Kid.

Audio of Erica Erdman reading “The Apocalyptic Kid”

Editor’s note: The complete version of Erica Erdman’s The Apocalyptic Kid appears in her now out-of-print book of the same name from Sacred Beverage Press. Finding a copy can be a bit of a treasure hunt, so please feel free to leave a comment if you know somewhere where it’s available.

Matthew Mars is a singer, writer and artist living in the greater Los Angeles area.