All The Rage Shrub
By Paulus Kapteyn

I listen to Chopin because I like to hear the missing keys of the piano.

Buddhism may help me with my guilt but not with my rage that is replete with my ancestor’s violence.
Pressure pain fatigue anxiety boredom pressure pain fatigue anxiety boredom pressure pain fatigue anxiety boredom.
To think about her is to think about myself and I’m tired of thinking of myself.
He has a stare. He faces us. The rage is to his left. He mistakes it for emptiness. It does shift, as an oracular migraine tends to recede and gain.
The scent of no smell that leaves a trace of heat and cold.
The swastika appropriated by the Nazi regime in a print.

“I went to a snow viewing party.”-Basho
The condos, townhouses, and apartment complexes fell like snow.

All the rage shrub at the botanical garden.

Dole plantation in Honolulu.
The mountain ridge on the plantation is a high cheekbone.
Hawaii is the only state that produces coffee.

Paulus Kapteyn is a writer who lives in Oregon. He notes that “some of these thoughts and some versions of these thoughts have appeared from the space in between. I am indebted to my mind that ostensibly has no center or authority and that is on the sole of my left foot and that appears as its nature wills. This thought contains five travel sketches.”