By Wetdryvac

human – ryyf – human
the sound of the rain is kiln

hiss, then susser, steam’s antique crisp breathing
drip, dropping apprehension, cluck-ticking
monsoon shaped trees’ altitude, clouding each skin’s glaze
draggin’ comb rigid, column click-precision naked
stile silk oil’s flow, mountain upon mountain
and chaos below, twixt rivers of meadow
cauldron churned slow, pyre raking and raken
porcelain still thousand drift-liquid, cher-readen archy
pouring and porrect, out-reached and weary
each droplet ripping tattoo gazee aneal’d

human – sew – human
the sound of the rain is kiln

wrest iron uprooted, face temper-pan baked
als ruddy mud scriver, each bough-baroque lashing
each passing evolate, lest di’ventilation
pore fire, pour flyer, por fyke and harvest
list fleshes, lest fishes earn even their keep
dag in longcoat what furrows the fountains
lag boarders, sag welter where minnows once swarmed
lay furor, way sciat lain open in vain
hotter than charry, whiter than stains where now relocution
where sigil flag drains, out long into tarry
each gobbet stippling, horizon aghast, atonal

and mine be the fracture-melt, vale now whole
stream in the hollow run clean bowl through

human – o – human
the sound of the rain is kiln

Wetdryvac is a non-gendered mechanical contrivance designed specifically for interactions with humans driven by preconception, with the thus-far successful goal of rendering such preconceptions wompsie-sideways. Currently operating out of New England and similarly friendly locales.