Scott Wannberg
By E. Amato

One day
they will find
Scott Wannberg

they will find him
they will get him
they will pick him up
from somewhere
not put away
needing reshelving
(with no Scott Wannberg
to make sure he was properly shelved
in the first place)

they will find him

once they have found him
they will go looking for him
and when they look
they will not find him
because he has already
his train has left the station
with an oxygen tank
and a Nobamacare card
he has gone fishing
(and I hope it is in a deluge
of celluloid)

He is lost to us.

There will be no new words.
Just the old ones
parsed and passed
one to another

I guess that’s all we can hope for
any of us
that they’ll find us
want to go looking
that we’ll seem real and new
like dinner with Henry Miller
or a round at Frank ‘n Hanks
with Bukowski

but if they find anyone
it should be Scott. Let it be

A member of the 2011 L.A. Slam Team, E. Amato has three titles released by Zesty Pubs: Swimming Through Amber, 5 & Will Travel. She creates live events from LA to Edinburgh, recently producing Saria Idana’s Homeless in Homeland for Brighton Fringe 2013.