Radius has never asked for money, nor has its predecessor, The November 3rd Club. We don’t even take donations, which has been pointed out to us from time to time whenever we have to renew our hosting service. It’s all wound up in our mission and artistic point of view. This hasn’t changed, and barring some great change in fortunes, it never will.

So you can imagine how odd it is for us to be asking for money. Not for us, but for a great project that Radius is involved with: The BILiNE Project: Best Indie Lit New England. BILiNE is a collaboration between us and a number of other great New England-based journals, including Printer’s Devil Review, Amethyst Arsenic, Meat for Tea, Naugatuck River Review, The Inman Review, Interrobang and Salacious. The goal is to create an anthology series that chronicles the best of independetly published poetry and fiction from across small journals of widely different strips: poetry ‘zines, online publications, printed and bound journals. The only unifying theme is that each of these journals publishes without the assistance of corprorate or institutional funding.

To learn more, please visit the project’s Kickstarter page:

Again, the goal is to present a survey, if you will, of the sweeping range independent publishing in New England has to offer. And it’s going to be tough. Right now, we’re trying to raise $850, but really, it’s going to cost us closer to $2,000, so even if you just throw in $10 to reserve an eBook copy or $25 to reserve a print copy, it’s greatly appreciated. You can also help by spreading the word.

Being an independent artist means that you are, by-and-large, dependendant on your community for support. None of the journals driving this make any real money, or indeed, are motivated by making money. They do what they do because they believe that there are voices that would be neglected if left to the mercies of corporate or university publishing. They believe in taking care of their community, and it’s no light matter when they ask that community for help. So please, if you value what any or all of these journals do, and want to help us build a larger audience for independent literature in New England and the great poets and fiction writers they all support and promote, then please, lend a hand.