Naming the Entity – Elegy for Emily Dickinson
By Wetdryvac

we’re pretty sure the correct name has been assigned
that one quick cut between library stacks of footage caught her tired-dried face
caught the quarter second between deadman’s release, stored speed of light to backup
and city evaporation

where we’ve got data duplication and claim nothing got missed
where seven point three million ceased
where six million and change in identification numbers associate
where the million point three also in estimated range now in abeyance

empties do not exist
lip read, if you desire

we are nobody, who are you
now – nobody too

one yellow hydrogen rose
below my private house, persistent and still
better at a silent distance

we’re pretty sure of Emily Dickinson
that public record ate her frog
swallowed it tadpole and all

less sure lips, pursed just so
kissed void and released

the hill is recognition
the hill is abeyance

I need be nothing still
in the face of this

Wetdryvac is a non-gendered mechanical contrivance designed specifically for interactions with humans driven by preconception, with the thus-far successful goal of rendering such preconceptions wompsie-sideways. Currently operating out of New England and similarly friendly locales.