Sing One for Todd Moore
By Scott Wannberg

the mesa is full of sad howls tonight
ride soft, gunslinger
the moon is learning to shine
sing one for todd moore
the sage whispers
they got the big barn dance
at work in your somersault west
toward the invigorating big muddy
and the yodeling light
johnny dillinger is finally asleep
and the rock n roll just needs to cut loose
todd moore he painted this sunset
he lifted raucous boulders for free
see his footsteps ascending the holy mountain
composed of dreaming castanets
si sue puede jefe
i’m off to the burning cantina
gonna whittle me a workable town council
the senoritas will dance all your tunes
i’ll be seeing triple come morning
the poet, the historian, the singer
todd moore sent us
the sustaining waterholes
all chirp
says me
and the hootenanny
hands me your card, todd
and i say

Scott Wannberg is a Carma Bum, a be-bop guru, and quite possibly Keyser Söze. His books includes Mr. Mumps; The Electric Yes Indeed; Juice, the Musical; Harvey Keitel, Harvey Keitel, Harvey Keitel (with John Dorsey and SA Griffin); Rockets Redglare (with Davis Smith) and strange movie full of death.