One of Radius‘ ongoing features will be the introduction of new poetic forms which, ostensibly, are completely original creations by Texas-based poet Robert Wynne and a host of other talented and clever writers. Some of the forms will be new uses of old tools, variations on familiar word-repetition and syllable-counting tools. Others will be wild and whimsical, more an invented process than a proper form. The goals, however, are the same: to shed light on the tools of craft, to shake loose creativity and to bring fresh life to ideas which, for many, seem stale ideas regarding poetics.

But to sweeten the pot, not only will Radius consider solicitations of new forms (see our submission guidelines), if our readers use and manage to publish any of the forms provided in this feature, we’ll give the poet a shout out here, and provide a link if possible.

So have fun, and let us know if any of these forms show up elsewhere!