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Scientologist: William S. Burroughs and the ‘Weird Cult’

Review by Marc Olmsted

“There’s something on the E-meter known as the floating needle–when a release point is reached, the needle floats. It is a very relaxed, pleasant, very high feeling, similar to the effect of hallucinogenic drugs. … Continue reading

Poetry Review: “Follow Me Down,” Poems by Kate Buckley

by Carlye Archibeque

Buckley’s second collection of poetry is insidious in its simplicity. On first read the poems are simple prose poems, which are well written and easy to read. But certain words stick and some of the ideas haunt … Continue reading

Poetry Review: Views From View Park 3: Crenshaw N’ Slauson

 By Carlye Archibeque

VIEWS FROM VIEW PARK 3: Crenshaw n’ Slauson

Even the most renownned poetry is subject to the opinions of others. How much more so a small chapbook collect of poems by students of a lower income charter … Continue reading