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Our Best of the Net Nominees

We’ve been taking a little break, but are gearing up to get back into the flow of things soon. In the meantime, please take a second to congratulate our Best of the Net Anthology nominees. In the past, the … … Continue reading

Our Best of the Net Nominees

In its short history, Radius has been blessed to publish poems and essays that are not only excellently written, but also artistically and personally brave. We’re consistently flabbergasted by the quality of the work that passes our threshold. So … … Continue reading

I can’t leave the former well enough alone: Looking for every you after reading Sophie Klahr’s ‘The Flooded Field’

By Jean Macpherson Leaving the past behind is never simple. Like the ridiculous nature of encountering a long-lost high school boyfriend is tempting. You read the message over and over again. A year goes by, maybe longer. The message is … Continue reading