Hi all. We’re still mostly on vacation here at Radius, although it seems we couldn’t resist sneaking a few goodies online in the course of the hiatus. We’re anarchic that way. We even rebel against our own self-imposed vacations!

But we did want to pop our heads in to give a shout out to McKendy Fils-Aimes and Truth Thomas, whose contributions to Radius will be featured in the first-ever Best Indie Lit New England anthology! Congratulations! We’re extremely proud to feature such brave and exciting writing, and couldn’t be happier for Truth and McKendy!

Also, congratulations to Radius co-editor Lea Deschenes, who will be included in the anthology for work that originally appeared in Ballard Street, and regular contributors Tony Brown and Jade Sylvan, for work that appeared in Amethyst Arsenic. It’s a blessing to live and work in such a talented and diverse community of writers, and we couldn’t be happier to be sharing that immense talent and vision with the world.

At the moment, Radius is looking to finish its Pushcart nominations. Obviously, this is an area with which we have a … complicated relationship, having said a thing or two on the subject recently.  Still, as we’ve said before, we’re pushing on with the process, no matter how Quixotic it may be.

But we’re curious: Which pieces from this past year do you think we should nominate? Let us know here, on Facebook, or backchannel. We look forward to your nominations!